Our Authors


Lora Klinc

Hometown: Hoče, Slovenia
No Way: Lora has cycled across nearly all mountain passes that professional cyclists tackle in the Tour de France.

Lora Klinc is best known to the general public as the life partner of Primož Roglič, usually captured on TV screens waiting on him with their young son in the finishing areas of the cycling races. But many Slovenians will remember her columns published in the magazine Polet, and some even her own sport path as a biathlete. 

She has always loved the books and even as a young child she was an avid writer, but somehow she decided to study political sciences and has earned a master's degree in European Studies. During her studies she lived in Bergen, and probably she would still lived abroad today even if it wasn't for Primož, pursuing career in diplomatic relations. Love does work in mysterious ways, so when Primož decided he would give it a go as a professional cyclist, she swapped the cold Norwegian air for hot, all-year lasting summers in Majorca. While he rose to fame in the cycling world, she found herself under the spotlight as a writer, and her debut novel, Kilometer Zero, is just the first of many.

The young family lives in Monaco, and Lora takes every spare moment she can find (which with a young child is never easy) to gather ideas and scribble pages for her second book. That is, of course, when she is not following the races in their camper. But even then, she writes.


Rachel Mulligan

Hometown: Aberdeen, Scotland
No Way: Rachel's young son loves sauerkraut and fermented carrots, but his favourite is spicy Kimchi.

Rachel Mulligan has always been interested in science, which led her to pursue a degree in Biosciences and Chemistry. During a stay in South Korea, some may argue the birthplace of fermented foods, she discovered kimchi. Once she pulled back the curtain into the world of cultured food, she never looked back. She quickly began experimenting, making her own kimchi before progressing to sauerkraut, kombucha and kefir.

Having definitely caught the bug – pun intended – the experiments, continued. When she was approached by the publisher to put her favourite recipes together in a book she jumped at a chance and Ferment! started to take shape.

Today, Rachel lives in Scotland where she is trying out new recipes on a daily basis, and who knows, maybe the next in the series of fermenting books, one for now experienced fermenters, is just around the corner.


Jasna Šebjanič Pupis

Hometown: Postojna, Slovenia
No Way: Jasna is an avid table tennis player, regularly winning competition on national level. 

Jasna Šebjanič Pupis was born in 1955 in Belgrade, at the time still the capital of Yugoslavia, where her father worked as a diplomat. Shortly after they transferred to Murska Sobota, her father’s home town, where she spent her childhood and teenage years. It was here she discovered her love for writing, publishing multiple stories in the local newspapers at a very young age.

She graduated in psychology which led to her first job as a psychologist at the Juvenile Detention Centre where she worked for 17 years. During these years she helped children coming from extremely difficult social situations, broken homes, escaping physical and mental abuse. She has so far published three books.

Two are dedicated to her years working at the Juvenile Detention Centre, while the third one, which has been translated into Italian and English, is a product of many years of experiences working as a psychologist at one of the Primary Schools in Postojna, the town most famous for its Postojna Cave. Sally, the Aquatic Salamander, is an educational story, looking to evoke in children their natural empathy for the environment and caring for all living creatures.

Uroš Hrovat
author, illustrator

Hometown: Ljubljana, Slovenia
No Way: If you are looking for unicorns and princesses among his magical creatures, you will probably be searching in vain. 


Uroš Hrovat is primarily an artist. He is an illustrator and author of imagination inspired children books. He is one of Slovenia’s most famous co-authors and illustrators of a wide variety of books for all ages. 

Born and bred in Ljubljana, a city where something was always happening, even as a young boy he spent his days scrolling through comic books and looking for inspiration in cartoons. He gained his professional qualification in School for Design and Photography and Faculty of Education. His passion for illustration led to his full-time job as an illustrator to which he has been faithful since the nineties, working with the majority of Publishing Houses of Slovenia. Since 2015 he started adding text to his pictorial inventions, full of battles of monsters and different kinds of super heroes. One of his publications, The Magic Button, has also been translated into English.


Tomaž Verbič Šalamon

Hometown: Ljubljana, Slovenia
No Way: Tomaž is probably the only expert in Information Technology who does not own a smart phone.

Tomaž is just over 50 years old and he lives and works in Ljubljana. His day job as an advisor of information technology has little to do with drawing. He became an illustrator by pure coincidence. He has been drawing since he was a kid, but he never took any special formative classes. He has kind of done it as a hobby, from T-shirts, cassette covers and Christmas cards, until one of the leading Slovenian publishing houses noticed his work and offered him part time work drawing for their school textbooks.

During his free time he listens to music, he even started playing guitar. He loves to read and he is inspired by comic books, and also art in general. Tomaž used to be an avid sportsman, traces of which can be found in his daily cycle to work, and in a couple of swings with a badminton racket every so often.

He is married and has two teenage daughters.


Ksenija Konvalinka
graphic designer

Hometown: Ljubljana, Slovenia
No Way: After going for a leisure paddling session, the canoe has flipped and she ended up swimming fully clothed in the middle of Ljubljana. 

Ksenija has been a graphic designer for a number of decades now. She considers herself very lucky as she enjoys her work immensely and she is always excited to start a new working day. Most of the time she is designing books and magazines, here and there also some posters, packaging for different items and sometimes even advertisements. Ksenija is also an illustrator even though illustrations are not the main part of her work. Every time she gets tasked with an illustration, she loves the challenge they present. Most of her design work is computerised, which allows her to change techniques and style more often.

She really doesn't have much free time, as she is always doing something, but if she finds a spare hour, she likes exploring, going for walks with her family and friends, finding interesting new details she has not noticed before. Oh, and she really enjoys cooking too.


Slavko Polak
author, photographer 

Hometown: Postojna, Slovenia
No Way:

Slavko Polak is a biologist and Senior Curator at Notranjska Museum in Postojna. He works on popularisation of fauna and flora in the region with a broad research interest mostly in vertebrates, beetles and butterflies of the region and subterranean beetles on wider global scale.

He prepared a model for monitoring cave beetle Leptodirus hochenwartii in Slovenia for Natura 2000 and is preparing an atlas on subterranean beetles of Slovenia. As an expert of subterranean fauna, he regularly participates in International Symposiums of Subterranean Biology worldwide. As a curator, he led the opening of the speleo-vivarium in 2004 in the Postojna cave and arranged "Karst Museum", a permanent exhibition of the Notranjska museum.

Polak is member of most Slovene zoological societies (studying and protecting birds, bats, butterflies, dragonflies, entomology, herpetology, natural heritage conservation…) and some International societies, such as the International Society for Subterranean Biology.


Marie Thomson

Hometown: Aberdeen, Scotland
No Way: Marie is still as curious now as she was as a little girl - she is a bit of a child at heart really!

Ever since Marie was a little girl, she enjoyed drawing, colouring and observing the beauty of things around her, may it be in picture books or nature. Marie studied Product design in Paris and Aberdeen, but after having her two boys, she dedicated her time to raising them and finally, ended up teaching French to young children.

Even though pursuing a different career, Marie never really stopped drawing. She has been able to use her creativity when preparing lessons for her classes. Lockdown has finally given her some extra time and opportunity to fully rekindle her love of drawing and illustration. And, her beautiful illustrations have now found their way into children’s books.