Pipin and Pipin's Book

 We are not called Pipin’s Book by coincidence.

It was early 2012 when the sweetest puppy ever joined our family – little rescued rascal called Pipin. He ended up in a shelter when he was only three months old and I could not understand how someone could not want such a cute, good natured creature. Well, it was a typical dog for Christmas story. A grandma wanted to make her grandchildren happy so she bought them as a surprise Christmas present for them. It was rather a surprise for the parents as well. They have never even considered having a dog, let alone treat him as a member of their family. The poor boy was chained outside, only a couple of months old, in the middle of a very cold, snowy winter. And Slovenian winters can be really harsh with the temperatures dropping well below zero. So Pipin was shivering to the point that the dad of the family thought he was ill. He works with one of the girls that run an animal shelter and he asked her to come and check if something was wrong with the dog. When she got to their house she was gobsmacked! Of course the puppy was shivering, he was so very cold! She made the parents hand the dog over to the shelter and sign the contract they would never own a dog again.

It was a couple of months before my scheduled move to Scotland, so it was a rather tricky situation for me too. Gary (my better half) and I did not have a place of our own yet, we knew we would be renting for a while, a lot of people do not want tenants with animals… But, when Gary saw that cute face, he just said “this is our dog”. And so it was. Pipin became the member of our family and when the time came for me to move, my parents packed him (with me) into the campervan and off to Aberdeen we went.

Pipin got his name in the shelter. He was named after Pepin (Pippin) the Short, king of Franks. Simply because he was so small. The name suited him, so I never wanted to change it. And even though it is spelt Pipin, as in Slovenian you would rarely see double letters, it is pronounced pippin

Pipin was rescued right about when we started the company, so a fresh start for him and a fresh start for us, Pipin got his home and we got Pipin’s Book.