Our Story

Pipin's Book

Beginnings of our Publishing House Pipin's Book go back to 2011 and our Slovenian roots. We are a sister company of the Slovenian Publishing House Pipinova Knjiga – which literary translates to Pipin's Book. 

Pipinova Knjiga was established in 2012 by our editor Tamara, who, after two decades of working for one of the leading Slovenian Publishing Houses decided it was time to embark on a personal journey. A combination of hard work, knowledge and feeling for working with people, quickly started showing unexpected results and the first steps towards a successful publishing house were set in stone. 

As the saying goes, the apple never falls far from the tree. Tamara's father, my grandfather, has dedicated his life to books. As professor of literary criticism and theory, he is regarded today one of the greatest experts of Slovenian literature of the 20th Century, and a long line of his books, the latest one published just couple of years before his death at the age of 90, form important pillars in the research of the Slovenian literature. So overall, it is really not surprising that other members of the family share his love for the written word and have slowly but surely joined the company, which has now grown into a family Publishing House. Tamara is still our lead editor and director of the Slovenian company, Did is our legal advisor, Mary is our marketing director, also responsible for export and import, and Misko is our social media representative. 

The fifth element of the Slovenian Publishing House is me, Mina. The key moment for Pipin's Book was my relocation to Aberdeen, Scotland. Even though located in the middle of Europe, Slovenia is somehow unknown and its literary market is even less known. So Pipin's Book was primarily established to connect Slovenian and British book market, introducing Slovenian authors and works to the British readers, but also bringing less known Brittish authors to Slovenian market. 

Today we continue on the same path, however we are open to a wider market and our bookshelves will always have space for good new books and our doors will always be open to new aspiring authors.