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Pipin's Team 


Editor, Translator, Italian and English Teacher

No Way: I enjoy running ultramarathons (even though I’m so slow one could hardly say I’m running).

I have been in love with books for as long as I can remember. I love their smell, the way they feel in my hands, the sound of the paper scrolling through my fingers, everything. I also love to learn, whether it is new languages, new skills, about other countries. I am really interested in so many things (which does not mean I am good at everything, far from it). 
So it is not surprising that I always desired to have my own publishing house, and being able to work with people who think alike, is just amazing. We are all following our dreams, developing a hub for encouraging reading, researching and learning. This is what Pipin’s Book is about.


Head Tutor

No Way: Despite not having a single aggressive bone in my body, I took part in a charity boxing event to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

After travelling the world as a chemical engineer, I have realised my true passion in life is for teaching and inspiring the next generation. Currently studying to become a secondary school chemistry teacher and tutoring primary school aged children part-time, I am consistently in awe of the young minds I am lucky to support. They always ask the best questions and there is never a dull day! No two pupils are the same so I tailor my teaching approaches to suit each individual. This can involve anything from asking more challenging questions to making up rhymes to help remember facts. Believing in their abilities and inspiring them to have confidence in themselves is key – through hard work we can achieve anything!


Translator, Italian and English Teacher

No Way: 

My real name is actually Maruša, but since I can remember, everybody calls me Mary. I was born ages ago, in 1985, in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. My education started (not counting kindergarten and primary school) in linguistic high school, where I have studied English, Italian and also Latin – knowing Latin really helped me with my later education.
I started teaching and tutoring during my uni years. Tutoring is something that I just love to do... and I also love to learn new languages... In the end there are never enough languages that one can speak.


Book Expert

No Way: I'm a certified SSI Open Water Diver and can't wait to get back underwater and start exploring again.

My name is Michele and I am a self-certified Bibliophile. What I love most about books and reading is that it is completely limitless. From historical fiction to apocalyptic sci-fi, I love having the ability to immerse myself into lives and perspectives that are so far from my own personal experience.  By reading I get to discover new places and new ideas all from the comfort of my sofa! Although my formal education ended some time ago now, I am still learning and developing every day by reading.  Through sharing some of my favourite books, I hope I can encourage and inspire others to keep reading, as well as discovering some great new books for myself!


French Tutor

No Way: I have started rock climbing and abseiling, first it made me cry but I did it anyway!

Bonjour, je m’appelle Marie, I’m a native French speaker from the South West of France. I moved to Scotland in 1995 and I am now fluent in English and Scottish, ‘ye ken ?’ I have been teaching French to primary schools and pre-school children since 2012 and also been providing interactive French classes online.

I am here to teach French to children from the age of 5 to 11, using materials that are engaging, playful and fun. I believe this is key to learning and I am dedicated to seeing every student flourish. Through fun stories, activities, songs and games, students in my classroom will gain a deeper understanding about the culture of France. It is never too early to learn another language, à bientôt!