Lora Klinc

Yes, Primož's girlfriend, but also a damn good writer

Lora Klinc is one of those loved-ones who TV cameras tend to catch a glimpse of in the finish areas of the cycling races. With eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses, so the fear cannot reflect in them; surrounded with air of confidence because, as she says, you have to believe and you have to show you believe.

She used to write columns for a Slovenian newspaper. These columns were written in such a witty, spontaneous manner, one hated them for being too short. She was introducing us into her world, the world she shares with Primož, the cycling enigma of the last couple of years.

The book, Kilometer Zero, was the most logical progression. One could sense it coming as there was so much to be told it was over-spilling the banks of someone’s internal space for thoughts. Being an athlete herself - an ex-volleyball player and biathlete - it made sense for her to get on the bike too in order to understand how the dynamics work, why there is a team if ultimately you are alone, why someone wins and someone else doesn’t. She needed to understand the madness to interweave it with the life they live; she might not be pushing the pedals, suffering on the climbs but her heart beats in the rhythm of this relentless sport.

Should their paths not have intersected, she would probably live abroad anyway, building a career in diplomatic relations. But they did. And not by coincidence but because things happen for a reason. Maybe she was meant to be a writer all along and all she needed was the courage to invite us into their universe. Why courage? Because, once words are written, then become eternal, you cannot unsay them, delete them, forget them. They are there to stay, you have been exposed, your soul can be read, and the world knows your most intimate feelings.

These are virtues of a writer. These are virtues of Lora. 

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