The Magic Button

Author: Uroš Hrovat

Price: £10.00 (free postage)

ISBN: 9780995631403

Dimensions: 210 x 160 mm / Pages: 56 / Full Colour

Suitable for: young learners, young readers, reading badges, children expanding their vocabulary, nurturing children's imagination


Jake is a curious young boy who lives in a small town where nothing really happens.

“The holidays are even worse, when all his friends are away...”, while Jake tries to defeat boredom by playing with his cat.

Once he meets Zook a new world of adventures opens up and all the boredom is forgotten forever. Not just The Magic Button, the first in the line of ten books, but the following books in the series Zook – The Amazing Inventor, take Jake, Ferdinand, their friends and most importantly, the reader, to a place where imagination never ends.

The most appealing part of the book are its truly great illustrations. They make the book stand out and draw the attention of young readers, as well as their parents. The book is only available in hardback, that is, because we want it to be used and we want it to last.

Last but not least is the book’s content. The richness of vocabulary is set to broaden readers’ knowledge, to inspire them to read and write, to love the world of books.